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This is, perhaps, an unusual crossover:

Title: Rivalries
Fandom: The Dark Knight (Nolanverse)/Sandman crossover. Yes, I've cracked.
Pairing/Characters: Batman/Joker, nearly all of the Endless
Rating: PG-13/R
Notes: As with The Dreams of Others, I'm once again compelled to see what an injection of graphic-novel influence will do to the Nolanverse. Granted, the Endless are not going to be interacting with anybody directly; this story's more an exploration of what meddling they might be doing just beyond the fabric of reality. It seems to me that the Endless would take a keen interest in such an epic struggle as this one (or passing interest, depending on which one of them we're talking about). This time, my apologies are not only to Dave McKean, but also to Neil Gaiman. Sir, I worship the 'net you blog on; you'd have my head for the Good Omens infractions alone.
Summary: Kindred is as kindred does, and humans aren't any different.

(I. Twins / II. Brothers / III. Companions / IV. Lovers)
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