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A piece of strangeness for you:

Title: Where Fate Finds You
Fandoms: Heroes & Sandman
Characters: Charlie, Lucien, & various others
Rating: PG
Notes: My apologies for the lateness of this story, as well as for the fact that I mislaid the email and therefore no longer have the name of the person for whom it's intended! Therefore, this goes out to whoever requested a story wherein Charlie finds herself in Dream's library after her death (because that, I remember with absolute certainty: I think it's a brilliant request, and this was an enjoyable piece to write!)
Summary: The title's based on a piece of Mohinder's bad voice-over philosophizing at the end of "Seven Minutes to Midnight." For once, he hit the nail on the head, as Fate can, indeed, find any of us wherever it may wish.

(Charlie Andrews remembers two different versions of her death, but neither one of them clearly.)
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